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  • Where are the Events Hosted?

We team up with local venues so each event series is at a different local venue. This allows you to support local businesses while you explore Denver from your yoga mat. 

  • Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

Some of our events do sell out, if you want to gaurantee that we will have space for you we encourage you to sign up ahead of time

  • Do you offer Monthly Memberships?

Yes we do! We offer a discounted membership that allows you into a majority of our events for only $75 or we have an all inclusive membership for $180

  • What does Sliding Scale mean?

It means pay what you can - $15 - 30

This way you can pick a price that works for you! 

  • Refunds?

Unfortunately tickets are not refundable. However if you would like to make a one time transfer your class to another class on our schedule. Please send us an email with the class you are transferring to and from to you can see all of our events at

  •  Can I sign a guest up or a Group?

Our Software was made to sign people up individually. If you would like to sign a friend up you are more than welcome to - Please keep in mind Memberships & Class Packs are not shareable. This means you will need to either buy tickets one at a time, if you have a larger group send us an email to & we can create an invoice for you to make your life easier! 

  • Families Can I Bring my Kids?


Arketa Has the Family Account feature now! 

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 10.19.49 PM.png
  • Can I Bring my Dog?

Service animals are welcome, however pets are not. Please be respectful of everyones experience as some people may be allergic to service animals. Events such as puppy yoga service animals & pets are not encouraged. As puppies could potentially not be fully unvaccinated. Posing a health risk for all pets at the event. 

  • Do you have Extra Yoga Mats I can Barrow?

We encourage guests to bring their own yoga mats. We do have a few extra mats available first come first serve. If you need a mat please make sure to show up early!

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