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Who Are We

Join us for a truly unique and magical morning of SELF-WORK + SELF-HEALING! 

Are you ready to dive deeper into yourself? Join us for a one-of-a-kind immersive art healing experience at Prismajic’s Shiki Dreams, an immersive art exhibit designed to support your nervous system. This 90-minute event, organized by Denver Yoga Social, is family friendly and will guide participants through various transformative forms of meditation on a journey inspired by the four Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water.

When you arrive you will choose your journey element. Your journey's element will be tailored to specific journaling prompts. You will begin by receiving your tools for this specific journey (an adaptogenic drink -hibiscus and tulsi tea with fresh ginger juice, elemental prompts, journal & pen). You will then begin guided breathwork, and an all levels yoga class, followed by a sound bath. 

Once you have finished the guided part of your specific experience, you'll embark on a self guided journey exploring the walk through art experience, Shiki Dreams by Prismajic. Within, you will get a UV flashlight to explore and you will follow your elemental signs to a specific area of the experience. As you explore, you'll encounter journaling prompts designed to deepen your meditative walk experience.

Take your time to enjoy this experience as its design helps down-regulate (calm) the nervous system the longer you linger. 

At the end of your journey, you'll return to the center of the main room, where you will visit your guide who will present you with a stone and a mantra that aligns with your journey, offering you a keepsake to continue your meditation practice at home

Event Details:

  • Class Duration: 90 minutes

  • Location: Prismajic,  Colorado Mills Mall
    14500 W Colfax Ave Suite 359, Lakewood, CO 80401  (Best to park at Burlington and go in Entrance #3)


What to Expect: Immerse yourself in an all-levels vinyasa-style personal wellness journey through yoga, journaling & a sound bath led by experienced instructors. Family-friendly: Suitable for all levels and bodies, making it a perfect evening for the whole family.

What is included: 

  • 1 N/A beverage from the Speakeasy Night Owls Bar and Venue (located inside of Prismajic) 

  • Admission to the immersive art experience Shiki Dreams ($28 Value) 

  • Journal, Pen

  • 25 Min All levels Yoga Class 

  • 25 Min Sound Bath 

  • A special gift from us to take home to continue your journey. 

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