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Looking for a unique yoga experience in Denver? Look no further than Denver Yoga Social! With community-focused classes and events, you'll not only get in a good workout on your mat, but also have the chance to explore all Denver has to offer

Fun Fact: All Classes are now Indoors for the WInter & Offer N/A Options

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Denver Yoga Social supports local businesses by bringing yoga into the community.


Our goal is that with your yoga practice you can support your local community, your health and also help our guests meet others while enjoying a fun social environment, all while being designed to accommodate all levels of experience. Whether you are brand new to yoga or someone who has been practicing for years.


  We want to make yoga/wellness more accessible , fun & less intimidating than walking into a yoga studio. From Rooftops & Exciting new venues to office buildings & private at home lessons. You are sure to find something that will meet your needs!

Why Choose Denver Yoga Social?

- Variety of all levels Yoga classes

- Experienced and passionate instructors

- DYS classes are all-inclusive and come with perks like happy hour specials and free beverages (alcoholic and N/A options always available).

- Less intimidating than walking into a yoga studio

- Affordable pricing options

- Engaging community events and workshops

- All while supporting our local community

Where is the Studio?

DYS events are hosted at breweries, wineries, gardens, art studios, and other amazing spaces! We partner with these local venues to connect you to the Denver community, all from your yoga mat.


Explore gorgeous venues all around Denver! Your DYS practice supports small businesses in our community, and we donate a portion of our sales directly back to local non-profits.


When we’re finished with our yoga practice, we’ll often roll up our mat and leave right away. At DYS, we encourage everyone to stick around, grab a drink, and mingle with their fellow yogis!


Denver, Colorado

720 - 464 - 7718

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